this is supposed to be emphasizing their shadiness but it’s really more like an article from a teen idol magazine on the possibility of homo-homo between two dudes in a boy band

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I want to be your friend. :3

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hey dude! you're adorable and lovely! on a separate note, i just wanted to say that what you said about male circumcision being detrimental in any way is untrue. just as a medical student i wanted to say that in a friendly way. i'm on anon because i don't want you to get the wrong idea and whatever. but still, so lovely!




Regardless of whether or not you believe circumcision is detremental to a person’s health, the fact remains that something was done to them without the individuals consent. And from my understanding of feminism, everyone has a right to their own bodily integrity. Nothing should be done to someone without their consent. And circumcision falls under that category. 

And I understand your tone isn’t attacking and I hope I conveyed my point similarly. 

Also, medicine does not normally remove healthy tissue from healthy individuals without their personal consent. Default surgical treatments are not ethical solutions for “benefits” that can also be easily be achieved without it, or in cases where there is an actual problem, before more conservative treatment options have been tried.

Genital cutting traditions… even medical students can be blinded by this culture. Where genital cutting has evolved, been packaged, camouflaged and sold as a curious form of “preventative medicine” it may easier for people to remain in the dark about why and how it is detrimental.

"The four cardinal principles of medical ethics are beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, and autonomy. This concerns - doing good, not doing harm, treating patients fairly, letting the patient control his / her own treatment." - Doctors Opposing Circumcision

People who support circumcision as preventative measures make zero sense.

Do they also promote nonconsensual mastectomies to prevent breast cancer?
Removing most of the intestine to reduce the risk of intestinal cancer?

Like it makes zero sense to do this, especially when the risk of health problems is so low AND the patient has no way to consent. If I had a baby and found out my doctor felt this way I would run in the other direction.

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Baby got a bath today~

How did you get a dinosaur


This is my child! Please ask your parents about the dino and the egg!!!

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Nick Offerman, ladies and gentlemen. [x]

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Ocean (by Eibo Jeddah)

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Starbuck (by peyno4)

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have a transparent 'so tired of your shit' armin for your blog

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Pichu got her own Levi-cosplay.

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thats a sexy post 

you win

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dear cas